Award Information


Grants are currently set at $300,000 for a three-year period, with $100,000 payable in the first year and equal sums payable in the second and third years, subject to the receipt of acceptable progress reports. Normally, fifteen new awards will be made annually. The awards will be made to tax-exempt academic or degree-granting institutions described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and will be designated for the support of the research programs described in the applications. Awards are issued from the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust.

Reporting Requirements

The awarded institution shall submit an annual expenditure report. Scholars are expected to attend the Annual Searle Scholars' Meeting which is normally held in Chicago in April. Abstracts and fiscal reports will be requested near to the meeting dates. Final scientific and fiscal reports shall be due within 60 days of the termination of the award.

Use of Funds

Awards will be made to institutions for the support of the research programs of the Scholars. Up to 25% of an individual's calendar year salary may be charged to the grant, together with appropriate fringe benefits. Persons on academic year appointments may charge 25% of the academic year salary and one month of summer salary (at the monthly rate for the academic year) when the academic year is ten months, or two months when the academic year is nine months. However, in no case may the total salary plus benefits charged for the Scholar exceed $25,000 in any given year of the award. Scholars shall have the maximum discretion in the budgeting and rebudgeting of funds to meet their research needs. However, the following limitations will apply:
  1. Foreign travel requires prior approval of the Scientific Director of the Searle Scholars Program;
  2. Total annual expenditures for equipment which exceed the approved budget by more than $3,000 require prior approval from the Scientific Director of the Searle Scholars Program.
  3. Funds provided under this grant may not be used to pay costs associated with general facilities or administrative overhead, such as costs of providing space, utilities, library facilities, and administrative services.

Change of Institution

If a Searle Scholar wishes to transfer the award to another institution, a formal request shall be directed to the Program. The request shall include a letter from the institution currently holding the grant indicating that it is aware of the request to relinquish the award and the estimated amount of funds, if any, to be returned to the Program for transfer. Transfers will only be permitted to institutions that are invited to submit proposals to the Searle Scholars Program.

Human Subjects, Animals, and Recombinant DNA

If the proposed research program involves humans as research subjects, the use of warm-blooded animals, or experiments involving recombinant DNA techniques, the Scholar will be expected to comply with the current guidelines of the Department of Health and Human Services concerning such matters.


If an invention is made, wholly or in part, with support received from the Searle Scholars Program, the Program shall be notified promptly, in writing. Disposition of patents shall be in accordance with the policies of the grantee institution. However, any net income from licensing and royalties shall be divided so that a proportionate amount (based on the percentage of the Searle Scholarís total research supported by the award), shall be set aside and used for the support of biomedical research at the institution. Should publications result from research so supported, the Searle Scholars Program shall be cited as providing financial assistance.

Acknowledgment of Support

Any publication arising from work supported by the Program should acknowledge the funds as being received from the "Searle Scholars Program."


It is the policy of the program to operate without discrimination as to age, race, religion, sex, handicap, or national origin in the employment or promotion of staff. This policy will be applied to the selection of the Searle Scholars.