The Searle Scholars Program makes grants to selected universities and research centers to support the independent research of exceptional young faculty in the biomedical sciences and chemistry.

2020 Searle Scholars Annual Meeting and Dinner Canceled

March 13, 2020

Dear Friends,

Kinship Foundation has been closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 and the safety measures that groups have taken to prevent further spread of the virus. After careful deliberation, and with much sadness, we have decided to cancel our 2020 Searle Scholars Annual Meeting and Dinner. While we are disappointed not to hold this meeting next month, we believe that this cautionary measure is in the best interest of our entire Searle Scholars community. We are exploring options for how we might be able to celebrate and share the work of our 2017 Scholars, this year’s graduating class, sometime in the future and will be sure to let you know of our plans as they are finalized.

With our best wishes for your health and safety,

Milan Mrksich
Scientific Director, Searle Scholars Program

Searle Scholars Program Names Dr. Milan Mrksich As Its New Scientific Director

Kinship Foundation is pleased to announce that Dr. Milan Mrksich will be the new Scientific Director of the Searle Scholars Program, effective July 1. Mrksich succeeds Dr. Douglas Fambrough who is retiring from the position after 24 years.

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2020 Timeline

  1. March

    March 1-3:
    Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

    End of March:
    Notification of application status
  2. April

    April 19-22:
    Annual Meeting
  3. June

    June 1:
    Application opens

    June 1:
    Invitation letter sent to participating institutions
  4. July

    July 1:
    Award term begins for first year Scholars
  5. August

    August 31:
    Fiscal reports due from current Scholars
  6. September

    September 30:
    Application closes

    September 30:
    Final report due from third year Scholars

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