Brent H. Cochran

Current Institution
Tufts University
Professor of Molecular Physiology and Pharmacology
Department of Physiology

Scholar: 1987

Awarded Institution
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Research Interests

Regulation of Cell Growth

My lab is broadly interested in how growth factors such as PDGF regulate cell growth. For several years we have been working on how the c-fos promoter is regulated. We discovered a growth factor inducible called SIF which turns out to be composed of STAT family transcription factors. We also study the yeast pheromone response pathway which is remarkably analogous to some aspects of fos regulation. Recent attention has focussed on the role of TFII-I in c-fos regulation. We have also been interested in the c-myc gene and have recently found a novel myc interacting protein using the yeast two-hybrid system. Other interests of the lab include the development of new genetic strategies for studying mammalian cells and elucidating the relationship between growth factor mediated signal transduction and the cell cycle machinery. A new interest of the lab is the development of an annotated database of genes called MedStract in collaboration with a computational linguistics group at Brandeis.

Current projects include:

  • Mechanism of activation of Stats by PDGF
  • Regulation of c-fos by the Jak/Stat pathway
  • Characterization of the myc interacting protein, Rht
  • Activation of STATs by oxidative stress
  • Role of Cdc37 in signal transduction and the cell cycle
  • Role of TFII-I in c-fos regulation and signal transduction
  • Development of the annotated gene database called MedStract