Chuan He

Board Member: 2015 - 2019

Scholar: 2003

Awarded Institution
The University of Chicago
Department of Chemistry


Research Interests

Biochemical and Proteomic Approaches to Understand Metal Homeostatis

The focus of our research program is bioinorganic chemistry. Much of our research resides at the interface of chemistry and biology. The first area concerns the functional study of DNA repair metalloproteins. The goal is to uncover novel DNA repair functions mediated by metal-containing proteins. We also study several metal responsive transcription factors. These transcription factors sense and regulate the intracellular concentration of free metal ions through metal-mediated regulation of gene transcription. We hope to reveal the molecular details of the regulation by using biochemical and macromolecular structural studies. The last component of our research centers on the activation of molecular oxygen with late transition metal ions. The first row transition metal ions are used broadly in biological systems to activate molecular oxygen for oxidative transformations. Biomimetic models of these metalloproteins have been extensively studied. Relying on synthetic chemistry we seek to extend these previous model studies to the second and third row transition metal ions and look for new activities.