Daniel J. Chin

Current Institution
Senior Principal Research Scientist
Hoffman-La Roche, Nutley

Scholar: 1985

Awarded Institution
University of California, San Francisco


Research Interests

Transport of DNA and RNA Molecules in Cells

Research in the Chin lab is focused on cell and molecular aspects of transport processes that involve DNA and RNA molecules. This involves both living and formaldehyde-fixed tissues and cultured cells that are examined by confocal microscopy which also requires intensive computational resources. For a lot of these studies, manual microinjection of proteins or nucleic acids (both synthetic and natural) into living cells is required. Interest in nucleic acid transport led to studying possible practical applications by examining antisense strategies and their mechanisms of action. Antisense therapies are based upon using the specificity of the genetic code to block the function of genes that cause targeted diseases such as AIDs. However, the delivery of these agents is hampered by the membrane barrier of all cells/tissues. Recently the lab re-examined claims that certain tissues were naturally permeable to nucleic acids and found that apoptosis (or programmed cell death) was responsible.

Specific Interests

  • Regulation of nucleic acid localization and transport; nuclear export signals of HTLV-I Rex.
  • Cell biology of modified oligonucleotides.
  • Antisense effects of C-5 propyne oligos upon HIV-1 RRE sequences.
  • Role of differentiation in modifying membrane permeability to oligos.
  • Confocal microscopy.