George Barany

Scholar: 1982

Awarded Institution
University of Minnesota
Department of Chemistry


Research Interests

Biological Chemistry

  • peptide synthesis, particularly the solid-phase method
  • protecting groups for organic functionalities, with an emphasis on the concept of "orthogonality"
  • chemistry of thiols, disulfides, and polysulfanes
  • sulfurization reagents for synthetic antisense DNA and RNA
  • functionalization of soluble and insoluble polymers
  • elucidation of labile structures by mass spectrometry
  • attack on problems of biological interest from a chemical angle
  • pharmaceutical effects of garlic and onion constituents
  • rational design of protein analogues with altered specificities
  • mechanism of protein folding
  • role of sugars, phosphates, and other posttranslational modifications for structure and function of peptide conjugates
  • preparation of DNA and PNA arrays for detection of genetic diseases
  • chemical combinatorial libraries