Kenneth S. Feldman

Scholar: 1986

Awarded Institution
The Pennsylvania State University
Chemistry Department


Research Interests

Organic Synthesis

Organic synthesis in the Feldman group is focused on the development of new general methods for the efficient synthesis of complex molecules. These target molecules often have some particular relevance to the chemistry of materials or biological systems. Our current efforts are directed toward four general research areas:

  1. Oxidative coupling and novel stereoselective cyclization methods applied towards the synthesis of members of the ellagitannin family of natural products.
  2. Methodology for the synthesis of complex alkaloid structures via sequential conjugate addition-carbene insertion reactions.
  3. Investigation of the mechanism of diamond film growth under CVD (chemical vapor deposition) conditions using simple, soluble model systems.
  4. Construction of low density, two and three dimensional covalently linked organic zeolites via hydrogen bond-directed assembly followed by photodimerization.