Kevin M. Weeks

Scholar: 1998

Awarded Institution
University of North Carolina
Department of Chemistry


Research Interests

Structure and Function of RNA Molecules

Our laboratory has two overarching visions. (1) We are developing high-throughput RNA structure analysis technologies with goal of making RNA secondary and tertiary structure analysis roughly as straightforward as DNA sequencing is today. To this end, we meld the methods of physical and mechanistic biochemistry, bioorganic chemistry, structural biology, and computational bioinformatics and biophysics. (2) We then apply these technologies to compelling, and otherwise intractable, problems in biology. Current work focuses on (i) RNA folding and protein assembly reactions central to the infectivity and pathogenesis of human viruses, (ii) facile development of RNA-directed drugs, and (iii) assembly and function of biomedically important ribonucleoprotein complexes, especially in living cells.