Michael Karin

Board Member: 1992 - 1997

Current Institution
University of California, San Diego
Department of Pharmacology M-036

Scholar: 1984

Awarded Institution
University of Southern California


Research Interests

(1) Regulation of transcription in mammalian cells by steroid hormones, growth factors, adverse environmental conditions and during cellular differentiation. Biochemical and genetic approaches are utilized to isolate transacting regulatory proteins which mediate the responses to developmental, hormonal and environmental signals by binding to specific DNA sequences. Our major efforts are to understand the regulation of transcription by growth factors and polypeptide hormones and cell type specific gene expression. Thus, we are looking at the regulation of transcription factor activity by signal transduction pathways.

(2) Response of the human genome to stress. The molecular basis for the UV response, the mammalian counterpart of the bacterial SOS response, is being studied by various molecular genetics techniques.

(3) Cell type specific gene expression and molecular basis for differentiation. We study the molecular and genetic control of anterior pituitary development with special emphasis on the hierarchy of transcription factors involved in formation of growth hormone and prolactin-expressing cells.