Phil S. Baran

Scholar: 2005

Awarded Institution
Scripps Research Institute
Department of Chemistry


Research Interests

Total synthesis of Natural Products

Our research is focused on solving interesting challenges in the total synthesis of natural products and in bridging gaps in synthetic capabilities by the invention of new reactions. The invention, discovery and design of new methods that inevitably occurs en route to a natural product fuels our passion. Through judicious target selection and creative retro-synthetic analyses, the endeavor of total synthesis becomes an engine for discovery that drives the field of organic chemistry to new levels of sophistication and practicality. Synthetic organic chemistry rigorously demands and cultivates tremendous ingenuity, artistic taste, experimental acumen, persistence, and character from its students. Although our lab is focused entirely on fundamental chemistry, many collaborations are in place with expert biologists to explore the medicinal potential of newly synthesized natural products and analogs thereof.