Philip A. Cole

Board Member: 2017 - Present

Current Institution
Harvard University Medical School
Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology


Research Interests

Dr. Cole and his research team study the chemical biology of protein post-translational modification and regulation. They examine the structure, function, and regulation of protein kinases and protein phosphatases by phosphorylation, acetylation, and glycosylation. In this regard, they have developed a series of technologies including expressed protein ligation, chemical rescue of mutant enzymes, and bisubstrate analog inhibitors that they apply to the analysis of signaling proteins that help clarify substrate selectivity, activation state, and function. The Cole lab team also studies histone acetyltransferases and demethylases and how they contribute to the regulation of gene expression and signaling. They have designed a series of selective inhibitors of these enzymes as tools for pharmacologic research. They employ and develop novel protein chemistry and proteomics methods, including mass spectrometry, to analyze the function of signaling enzymes on a broad scale. In addition, they are using chemical biology strategies to study the acyltransferases involved in circadian rhythm and metabolism.