Ruslan Medzhitov

Scholar: 2000

Awarded Institution
Yale University


Research Interests

Research in this laboratory focuses on many aspects of innate immunity and includes the following areas: 1) Molecular mechanisms of innate immune recognition: Identification and analysis of receptors involved in innate immune recognition and signaling pathways activated by these receptors. The system of particular interest is the recently identified family of Toll-like receptors, which are conserved between mammals and insects. 2) Control of the adaptive immune responses by innate immune recognition. Signals induced upon innate immune recognition (co-stimulatory molecules, cytokines and chemokines) are necessary for the initiation and differentiation of the adaptive immune responses. We are interested in molecular mechanisms that allow translation of the signals recognized by the Pattern Recognition Receptors into activation of naive lymphocytes and their differentiation into effector cells. 3) Mechanisms of autoimmunity and allergy and new strategies for vaccine design.