Scott D. Emr

Board Member: 2003

Current Institution
Cornell University
Director and Professor
Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Scholar: 1984

Awarded Institution
California Institute of Technology


Research Interests

Dr. Emr's research focuses on the regulation of cell signaling and membrane trafficking pathways by phosphoinositide lipids, ubiquitin modifications and vesicle-mediated transport reactions. The Emr lab discovered the essential role for phosphoinositide lipid kinases in theregulation of membrane trafficking pathways. These essential enzymes regulate cell growth, cell shape and cell size. They function to ensure the temporal and spatial specificity of vesicle-mediated transport reactions throughout the cell. Dr. Emr’s lab identified the first components (the ESCRT complexes) of a molecular machine required for receptor down-regulation, the budding and release of the HIV virus and for a late step in cytokinesis.