Victor Munoz

Current Institution
University of California, Merced
Department of Biological Engineering

Scholar: 2002

Awarded Institution
University of Maryland, Medical School


Research Interests

Biophysical Studies of Protein Folding and Studies of Protein Misfolding and Aggregation in Amyloid Diseases

The research in my group is oriented towards answering important biological questions that concern the intimate behavior of proteins. The approach that we use is essentially multidisciplinary. It includes a broad range of techniques and methodologies, such as molecular biology, protein engineering and protein chemistry, steady state spectroscopy (fluorescence, absorption, circular dichroism), nuclear magnetic resonance, kinetic techniques (stopped-flow, continuous flow, temperature-jump), laser spectroscopy and computational analysis. The scientific questions that we investigate can be divided into three general areas: i) in vitro protein folding and design; ii) protein self-assembly and its relationship with neurodegenerative diseases; iii) experimental and theoretical protein evolution.